Monday, January 5, 2009

Happy '09!

So after a short break, this blog is back and better than ever. I've saved up a lot of great new trends and pieces to show you, so let's just jump right in...

I unfortunately had to miss the Platinum Guild's annual Editor Day, but luckily I had a chance to view all of the jewelry and thought that it would be fun to share some of my favorites. (If you don't know the attributes of platinum, be sure to click right here to learn more. One of the best things: The naturally white metal is hypoallergenic.)

I really like these bracelets by Chad Allison--It's unusual to see such a detailed, gem-set design in a bangle. The mix of contemporary shape and vintage diamond work gives this collection a modern flair.

I definitely have a soft spot for Erica Courtney's beautiful designs, and these Jasmine earrings are no exception. The oversized scale and ethnic feel is just right for '09: a mix of cultures and design motifs will definitely be on trend for the upcoming year.

In my mind, Gurhan is the master of understated chic. I love that his jewels look just as handcrafted as they truly are. I also love how he chose to downplay the diamonds in this necklace. By using imperfect rose cuts (that don't have too much sparkle), this piece feels more like art than bling.

I couldn't possibly do a platinum post without showing you an engagement ring, so here's one from Durnell. I'm really partial to this updated link motif, and I especially like the symmetry and simplicity of the band. I also love the interplay of the matte platinum finish with the sparkle of the round diamonds.

To see Portero's wide selection of platinum jewelry, click right here.

Images courtesy Platinum Guild.