Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Positively Picasso

In celebration of our new and expanded art category, this week's homepage theme is dedicated to none other than Pablo Picasso (1881-1973). Portero has been lucky enough to secure more than a handful of signed and limited edition lithographs and etchings, and I thought that such beauty was worthy of notice on this little blog.

I particularly like that although Picasso had such a defined style, he went through an amazing number of "periods" that now distinguish his work. From the Blue to the Rose to Cubism and from sculpture back to painting, these works are now a part of art's global lexicon.

Picasso also has another interesting tie-in to our site: his daughter, Paloma. As many of you know, she is a jewelry designer who has worked with Tiffany & Co. for many years. Her contemporary designs are mainstays at the storied jeweler.

If you want to learn more about how art sells in the marketplace, there are great sites like artnet that help you with resale value and art valuation. If you become a member, you can find out about specific artists at the click of a button, like right here with Picasso.

We're pretty familiar with how Picasso saw the rest of the world, but if you're not sure how he saw himself, just take a look at this Self-Portrait (1907) for an idea:

To view our collection of Picasso artwork, click right here.
To view our expanded Art category, click right here.

Top photo by André Villers

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

The Daily Deal: 10% Off

With the holidays just around the corner, Portero is offering a special 10% discount now through October 31, 2008. Forget tricky promotions: All you have to do is enter OCTTEN at checkout to receive valuable savings. Want even more incentive? Free shipping and insurance will be applied automatically upon checkout for orders over $1,000.*

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Chanel, Lipstick Jungle and SeenON

If you're signed up for Portero's emails, you're already entered to win the fabulous Chanel special edition flap bag being worn on tomorrow nights's episode of Lipstick Jungle (retail value $2,650!). If not, what are you waiting for? Click right here to read all about the sweepstakes and put your name in the running.

Can't get enough of Chanel and Lipstick Jungle? We're offering another chance to live like the ladies of the cast with a great new auction. This fabulous Chanel Shiny Brown Crocodile Clutch & Six Chain Strap Shoulder Bag (pictured above) will also be worn by Nico (Kim Raver) on tomorrow night's episode (October 29 on NBC at 10/9 Central) and is up for auction right now through November 13.

Want more of the fabulous accessories and clothes seen on Lipstick Jungle? Every
week, SeenON combs the sets and stakes out the red carpet to find all the fabulous fashions seen on your favorite TV shows and stars. Never wonder who they're wearing again - just visit and start shopping.

Good luck!

Monday, October 27, 2008

Portero on CNBC

The economy is obviously THE major issue right now, and it seems silly to even think about paying retail price in the face of such hard times. CNBC's On the Money agrees, giving a great shout out to Portero last week during its Steals and Deals segment.

Want to check it out? Click right here to see exactly why Portero is making news and attracting savvy shoppers.

Thursday, October 23, 2008

Go for the Gold

If you've chosen to invest in gold instead of stocks over the last decade or so, you're probably in pretty good shape. But since most of us aren't hording gold bricks in our basements, now might be the time to hop on the metallic bandwagon. Women's Wear Daily titled their Tuesday front page "Shine Up" (above) and then praised the gold trend that ruled the runways at the recent fashion shows. Inside, they showed several looks and paired them with bold gold accessories like cuffs, belts and shoes.

Designers chose to play this up in a few different ways on the Spring '09 runways: Some went for all-over gold shimmer like Monique Lhuillier (above), while others opted for accents, like Carolina Hererra (below) with her flower applique dress.

Duvall O'Steen of the World Gold Council says: “The Renaissance of gold in the fashion world shows no signs of slowing down. With the increasing value of gold, coupled with the economic concerns, gold has become a meaningful and safe investment for any jewelry wardrobe. Gold is one of the only luxury goods that never loses its beauty, its relevance, its emotional appeal or, most importantly, its value.”

Bold gold is back and bigger than ever. To start slowly, invest in pieces that will never go out of style, like these Talisman Unlimited 14k Yellow Gold Diamond Hoop Earrings or this Chanel One-of-a-Kind Quilted Gold Metallic Leather Evening Case Shoulder Bag.

Images via Women's Wear Daily and

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Fall for Gemstones

This week's homepage is not only an homage to Halloween, but also to gorgeous gemstone jewelry. With winter approaching, it seems like a nice time to inject some color into your wardrobe before the icy months hit. I think this is also a great time to wear autumnal hues like oranges, browns and yellows, so definitely take a look at the Stephen Webster cuff and Stephen Dweck necklace featured on the main site.

I couldn't let this post pass, though, without mentioning the newly released Victoria's Secret Fantasy Bra. I have a personal connection to the high-priced lingerie: I worked with one of the companies that used to design and manufacture the bra, so I have gotten to see the pieces up close and personal. I even acted as Gisele Bundchen's liaison the year she wore the bra–-I accompanied her to TV appearances, dressed her for the Victoria's Secret Fashion Show and even appeared on the Tyra Banks Show to talk about the $12 million bling.

(Photos to come! I'll post a few of me backstage at the big event.)

This year's bra was produced by Martin Katz and is worn by Adriana Lima. It's a departure from the norm because instead of the standard white diamonds, Katz created a daring black diamond and ruby look that fits in perfectly with the upcoming ode to ghosts and goblins. Set with 3,575 black diamonds (include two stunning black diamond drops totaling 100 carats), 117 one carat diamonds and 34 rubies, the fantasy undergarment is for sale for a cool $5 million.

A little shy of $5 million? Try our fantastic selection of gorgeous candy color gemstone jewelry. Shop by category to take a closer look. You'll see our savings immediately: Just compare the retail value to the current bid, and you'll see why Portero is the smarter way to buy.


Image via Victoria's Secret

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Tabloid jewelers?

It seems that more and more celebrities are releasing jewelry lines every day. I worked with Heidi Klum on her line for about a year, and now the same company that produces her jewelry--Mouawad--is partnering with Nicole Richie on a collection called House of Harlow 1960. Targeted at ladies ranging from their teens to their 30s, the fashion jewelry ranges in price from $30 to $150.

Bohemian in style, the pieces feature leather, fabric, silk strings, chains, feathers, rivets and gold-plated metal. She posed above for this month's InStyle in some of her jewels, including the huge African-inspired ring above.

Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen are partnering with a big name in jewelry for their just-released collection: Robert Lee Morris. This line (pieces above) was made to go along with their Elizabeth and James fashion line, and prices range from $65 to $700. I recently interviewed the ladies themselves at Robert's studio for a magazine (I'll post that story when it comes out!), and their pieces definitely have the bold, tribal vibe of much of Robert's designs. I particularly liked their sculptural cuffs, spiked necklaces (below) and bronze patina.

I'm glad that these women are partnering with experienced brands on their debut collections--it makes me think that they are respecting the craft and not just relying on random outsourcing. I also know that MK and Ashley are working directly with Robert on their pieces; it is in no way a collaboration just for show.

What do you think about this celebrity jewelry trend?

Thursday, October 16, 2008


Sometimes shopping can be about more than just spending. Take our Think Pink Portero Specials this week--a percentage of proceeds goes directly to the Cancer Vixen Fund, started by breast cancer survivor Marisa Acocella Marchetto. Her story is inspirational: When she found out she was sick, depression took over. But empowering herself through fashion changed her spirits and gave her the strength to fight.

To explain a little further, Marisa created the cartoon above especially for Portero. I also talked to Marisa this week to find out a little bit more about what got her through the toughest days.

Portero: How did fashion change your emotional health?
Marisa: My mom was a shoe designer, so I always thought that well-designed accessories are great pieces of beauty. I also knew that you could feel really powerful just by wearing a heel. I was going through a lot of treatment, and I needed a way to bring my spirits up, and shoes did that. Whenever I had an IV in my hand, I always wore a fabulous pair of shoes. I went from victim to vixen. Fashion to me is very powerful, it can make you feel great about yourself, and the stronger your emotional health, the healthier you are.

Portero: Why did you start the Cancer Vixen Fund and what does it do?
Marisa: When I was diagnosed, I, like many people, didn't have health insurance. Bad suddenly went to devastating. I realized that if you're diagnosed with cancer, you have a 50 percent better chance of surviving if you have insurance, and there's a 98 percent chance of survival if you find breast cancer early. I wanted to promote early detection among women and help those who don't have health insurance, and the Cancer Vixen Fund directly promotes that.

Portero: What are some actual events Cancer Vixen supports?
Marisa: For example, we're doing free mammograms for uninsured women this month at St. Vincent's Hospital in Manhattan (see poster below).

To learn more about Cancer Vixen, log on to To
shop our Pink Items, click right here.

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Want the Skinny?

I'm thrilled that Portero is featuring skinny watches this week because it's a needed departure from the oversized, unisex timepieces that get a lot of the press. Sometimes it's nice to just look like a lady, and these delicate styles do just that.

But, even if you don't want to go around wearing super feminine clothes, these watches look equally as good with this fall's minimal fashions, seen above as chosen by"Minimal Tendency" was one of Vogue's big trends for this fall, and I think it would be a shame to break up the clean lines of these ensembles with clunky accessories.

A skinny bracelet watch is also great for women who like to wear their watches even at formal affairs. Choose a style with a metal strap that looks like a bracelet, and you have a piece that will take you from boardroom to ballroom.

Click right here to see all leather strap skinny watches.

Click right here to see all bracelet skinny watches.

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Lipstick Jungle/Chanel Sweepstakes!

After giving away a fabulous Mikimoto necklace in the last sweepstakes, we're back again, and this time we're bringing handbags! The newest giveaway items is a gorgeous Chanel Special Edition 2.55 Reissue Dark Silver Classic Double Flap Bag, and all you have to do to win is enter now through November 13.

Besides being a timeless bag, you'll also have the added bonus of seeing it on NBC's Lipstick Jungle on October 29. The show, starring Brooke Shields, follows around three thirty-somethings as they navigate careers, romance and families in New York City. Watch closely and you'll catch the purse on the arm of one of the leading ladies.

Click here to enter. I am totally smitten with this bag. The 2.55 is a classic, and the dark silver makes it totally modern.

You can also click right here to see our huge selection of authentic Chanel merchandise. Good luck!

Monday, October 13, 2008

Book Club: The Necklace

My lovely fiance came home with this book for me recently, and I'm about to get started, so I thought I'd share it here. The Necklace: Thirteen women and the experiment that transformed their lives by Cheryl Jarvis was just released this year and has gotten some great press.

Here's the jist: Four years ago a woman named Jonell McLain saw a diamond necklace in a shop window in Ventura, California. She surely could not afford the extravagant jewel, but it got her thinking about how she could have a piece of it. The answer? Sharing the necklace with 12 other women.

According to reviews: "What started as a quirky social experiment became something far richer and deeper, as the women transformed a symbol of exclusivity into a symbol of inclusiveness. They discovered that sharing the necklace among themselves was only the beginning: The more they shared with others, the more profound this experience--and experiment--became."

I'm excited to read this, and I'll report back when I'm done. Want to join me?

Image via

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Some Enchanted Evening

Now that Fall is here, I find my social calendar swiftly picking up speed. Everyone wants to be back in action, and that means lots of cocktail parties, dinners and work functions. That also means bringing out my collection of evening bags, which range in size from teeny tiny to roomy, and in style from over-the-shoulder to clutch. If you need to expand your own set of evening bags, you're in the right place. Portero is featuring a huge selection of gorgeous styles this week in all prices and looks.

Let's take a look back at the recent Emmys to get a feel for what's happening on the red carpet. First, we have Nicolette Sheridan (right, above) in a gorgeous purple Angel Sanchez gown. Her clutch choice just goes to show that picking a matching shade can be a good thing. Her purple and gunmetal Kotur Creel bag (below) goes with the dress, but isn't a perfect match--a very modern way to go.

I've already told you that Mad Men is my favorite show on TV, so I'm happy to feature Maggie Siff in this roundup (below, right. She plays Rachel Menken, FYI.) I love the simple silhouette and teal color of her strapless dress, and that she went for some oomph in her choice of clutch. By going with the black feather Celeste by Romanek, she was able to show some personality alongside a relatively classic gown.

Finally we have America Ferrerra carrying an Anya Hindmarch Maud clutch in gold (the silver version is below). The business of her dress was perfectly offset by this unadorned coin-purse style bag that doesn't take away from her gorgeous gown.

Don't be afraid to experiment with evening bags. I personally like to pair a black dress with a brightly colored clutch, and I often throw in pattern without going overboard by injecting a python clutch in neutral tones. To start your search, click on the links below:

Judith Leiber
Mary Norton
Leather and Skins

Images via

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Free Shipping!

It's always a good idea to save money, especially in light of what's going on in the world financial markets. That's why Portero is currently offering free shipping and insurance on orders over $1,000*.

Want the details? It's as easy as these two steps below:

Free shipping and insurance will be applied automatically during checkout (a promo code is not needed) on all orders over $1,000 via FedEx or UPS Ground within the continental U.S. only. Not applicable on international orders or shipments to Alaska, Hawaii, or Puerto Rico. Expedited shipping generally available for an additional fee.

Please note: During checkout, you will see a fee for insurance. In order to receive a refund for this insurance fee, please contact Customer Care prior to checkout at 877-307-3067 or

Don't forget that Portero also offers starting bids at up to 80% off of retail value. Now those are savings.

Click right here to see all of Portero's current promotions.

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

The Gift that Keeps Giving

There are entire industries devoted to (what I would call) cheesy gifts for big occasions. The cap and gown teddy bear, above, is just one example of the type of Hallmark last-minute buys that gets thrown into a closet and never seen again. So why not choose something that has much more lasting value and will see practical use on a daily basis? This week, Portero is highlighting fantastic mid-level watches that make great gifts for occasions such as graduation. Men, often, are particularly hard to shop for, so here are some ideas for how to make every holiday a great one:

Let's start with graduation. Whether it's high school or college, this is the perfect time to gift a young man with something that looks and feels adult. After many years of sport watches or merely using a cell phone as a time keeper, a distinguished watch will propel him to the next phase in his life. I would strongly recommend a stainless steel model like this Tag Heuer 2000 Chronograph Quartz Men's Watch. The oversized black face and sporty features are a perfect transition from kid to grownup, and for around $1,000, you're getting a trusted brand.

Another traditional watch-gifting occasion is from bride to groom. This is definitely my plan for my upcoming wedding day, and I think this is a perfect time to go for something a little more dapper and classic. This Montblanc Star Reveil Stainless Steel Automatic Day Date Men's Watch fits the bill perfectly. The embossed calfskin band looks rich, and the elegant Roman numerals on the face work wonderfully for dressy events.

Father's Day is the perfect time to surprise him with something fashion-forward and unlike his sports or dress watches. How about this Omega Seamaster Aqua Terra 18k Yellow Gold Diamond Men's Automatic 2164.75.00 Watch? The eye-catching yellow gold may be too much for everyday, but it's a statement piece that will really complete his collection, and it will remind him that you deserve something special for Mother's Day as well.

Click below to go directly to the brands featured this week:

Tag Heuer