Tuesday, September 2, 2008

First Lady Fashion?

It's rare that a possible First Lady stirs up much attention around her fashion choices. Usually, these women want to project an image of security, sensibility and classic conservatism. While I think Michelle Obama achieves all of these qualities, I'm impressed at her ability to look fashion-forward and unique at the same time. Most intriguing? Her use of the brooch in ways that are more Carrie Bradshaw than Laura Bush. 

Eschewing the pantsuits so favored by Hillary Clinton and embracing form-fitting dresses and even sleeveless (!) tops, Michelle brings a little bit of Breakfast at Tiffanys to the campaign trail. As the election draws nearer, I've been admiring the risks that she takes and the way she's embracing her inner fashionista more now than ever before. 

Proof certainly lies in her ensemble for the Democratic National Convention, a fitted turquoise sheath dress by Chicago-based designer Maria Pinto. The addition of a large brooch (her own) placed boldly at the 'v' in her decolletage shows that she's not afraid to take a risk. Below, she wears a black-and-white patterned dress on The View earlier this year, and places another brooch high on her shoulder, a la Sex and the City

If you want to get back in on the brooch bandwagon, look no further than Portero's stock. Here are three of my favorite options:

Stephen Dweck Rock Crystal and Topaz brooch. The grays and taupes of this piece are neutral enough to last a lifetime. 

Gregg Ruth diamond and pearl brooch. Although the design is classic, it can be used in unusual ways (try in your hair or on a handbag). 

Kwiat diamond Solaris pin. This minimalist, geometric design still provides serious sparkle.