Thursday, June 5, 2008

Hermes 1, eBay 0

I don't know if you follow the world of corporate lawsuits, but luxury giant Hermes just won a big victory against eBay this morning. The brand, along with Louis Vuitton and Dior Couture, are seeking damages for the sale of counterfeit goods. While this first victory is relatively small ($32,497), Vuitton and Dior are seeking more than $30 million each in their individual suits.

"Every luxury brand has an obligation to protect consumers against counterfeits of its merchandise, and consumers should make every effort to ensure that the branded luxury goods they purchase online or through any other distribution channel are legitimate," says Milton Pedraza of the Luxury Institute. "Portero's authentication model is a necessity in order to protect both consumers and manufacturers from being victimized by counterfeit merchandise."

As you know, everything on Portero is 100% authentic, so you never have to worry about purchasing a fake. In fact, you can click right here to see a wide variety of Hermes items, from coveted Birkins to gorgeous gloves and scarves.

And if you already own or want to own a prized Hermes scarf, I found a fun little how-to at Chic Street. They have posted the complete set of instructions called "Playtime with your Scarf" that comes with each purchase. From how to make an ascot to how to turn your scarf into a halter top, it's all right here.