Friday, April 25, 2008

While most people choose a handbag based on its ability to match with pretty much anything, some people pass up standard brown, black and metallic shades to go with something a little outside-the-box. A trend that has been growing in recent years is using artwork as a bag's focal point, as with Hilary Duff's Prada Fairy Bag above. The wait-listed purse, nearly impossible to find at $2,290, is becoming the 'it' bag of the season. 

If you're already covered with standard color handbags, I would totally recommend choosing something with a bold pattern like the Fairy for your next purchase. Perfect with solid colors, it really grabs attention and shows that you have a bit of spunk in your personality. 

Here are some Portero choices that will have you wanting your purse to boast great art:

Louis Vuitton Monogram Cerises Speedy. You can't go wrong with this classic shape and the iconic LV logo, but the addition of the bright red cherries lend an air of whimsy and humor. 

Malo Multicolor Patchwork Floral bag. The colors scream summer, and the plaited straps are a perfect touch. 

Louis Vuitton Floral weekend bag. I love the oversized black, yellow and white floral pattern, which feels a little bit mod and totally fun. 

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