Monday, April 14, 2008

Airport Chic

I've had to fly back and forth from Europe three times so far this year for work, so I definitely know the importance of traveling both in style and in comfort. I have a checklist of things that I always need for a long flight, including an eye mask, earplugs, lip balm, cozy socks and some sort of shawl to wrap up in. 

I will have to admit, though, that when I travel for work I like to look at least 'polished', if not posh. The best way to accomplish that? Definitely a chic bag that will fit all of my necessities. My go-to tote is an extra-large suede version from Bottega Veneta that snaps closed like a change purse. (Easy access makes for a good travel bag.)

Some people just use oversized handbags (like Sophie Dahl, above left), while others, like Lindsay Lohan, right, use weekenders or travel bags like the Gucci version above. Whatever way you choose, I suggest picking a bag that has long enough straps to be worn on your shoulder or at least over your arm. Here are my top three pics for excellent carry-on baggage:

Chanel oversized black lambskin Weekend bag. I would snap this up in a heartbeat. Talk about a classic--this Chanel bag is the perfect size for an airplane, plus it will make you look stylish even if you're in sweats. 

Be&D oversized black patent leather tote. This is similar in style to Dahl's above, and the patent should wear well even with a lot of traveling. There's even room for your magazines!

Hermes Potiron Taurillon Clemence Leather Victoria Travel Bag. More structured like Lohan's bag, this is incredibly understated but luxurious. This is Hermes at its best--nothing extra or flashy, with just white topstitching and gold hardware as the details. 

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