Thursday, April 17, 2008


I live in New York City, so it's not a huge surprise that the only space for my office is in my living room. But whether you have a home office or a location that you go offsite to work, it's still nice to make your space something beautiful to look at as well as functional. 

The photo above is pulled from the latest issue of Domino magazine and their cover feature on Drew Barrymore's new offices for her production company, Flower Films. After leaving a major studio lot for an Art Deco-style standalone building, Barrymore and Co. wanted to make their work quarters feel a little bit like home. You can click right here to see some outtakes from the shoot that didn't make the magazine. 

I think that there's small things you can do--even in a cubicle--to upgrade your space. First, buy fresh flowers weekly. It's amazing what a pop of color and a living organism can do for your mood. Second, don't always think "office" when buying desk accessories. Forget boring pencil holders and standard desk drawer cubbies to hold little odds and ends. Third, dress your space with personal mementos or photos. Rather than taping your significant other to the wall, put them in a beautiful frame. 

Here are some great suggestions that would fit the three aforementioned ideas, straight from Portero:

Orrefors Squeeze Clear Crystal Vase. This reminds me of crumpled up paper--the perfect tongue-in-cheek piece for an office. Stick in fresh flowers and voila!

Thistle & Bee Poker Chip Pencil Cup. Back away from Office Depot and invest in something beautiful to hold your writing instruments. Plus, its heft means it can double as a paperweight. 

Lalique's Ring Dish & Pin Bowls. These sweet little crystal bowls featuring a variety of wildlife would be the perfect holder for push pins, rubber bands or paper clips. 

Orrefors Oval Frame. Simple enough to go with any decor, but still perfectly dresses up photos of loved ones. 

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