Friday, June 5, 2009

Vegas part 3

This year in Vegas felt kind of like a trip to Tucson (where the gem dealers all converge once a year to buy and sell stones) because of the use of unusual minerals and materials designers were using. Take, for example, Italian designer Frederica Rettore, who studied art and sculpture before designing jewelry. I loved her Madagascar cow horn flower bracelet (above) as well as her Boulder opal pendant in steel and gold with diamonds (below).

Last year I absolutely fell in love with the designs of another Italian, Lucifer Vir Honestus. Her carved mammoth ivory dragon cuff was totally spectacular:

I am also smitten with the fanciful work of San Diego-based Katey Brunini. How can you not love these wild boar and nubian ibex pendants made from moose antler? They are wearing diamond and pearl necklaces and have 18-karat gold horns. Adorable!

Lastly (for today), I had to show you just how simple and spectacular some stones can be. This necklace by Anna Ruth Henriques was just chunks of natural pyrite strung together and made special with her tiny spider signature in 18-karat gold. (It's sitting on my notepad--this is how I remember all of the beautiful bits and baubles I see!)