Monday, October 13, 2008

Book Club: The Necklace

My lovely fiance came home with this book for me recently, and I'm about to get started, so I thought I'd share it here. The Necklace: Thirteen women and the experiment that transformed their lives by Cheryl Jarvis was just released this year and has gotten some great press.

Here's the jist: Four years ago a woman named Jonell McLain saw a diamond necklace in a shop window in Ventura, California. She surely could not afford the extravagant jewel, but it got her thinking about how she could have a piece of it. The answer? Sharing the necklace with 12 other women.

According to reviews: "What started as a quirky social experiment became something far richer and deeper, as the women transformed a symbol of exclusivity into a symbol of inclusiveness. They discovered that sharing the necklace among themselves was only the beginning: The more they shared with others, the more profound this experience--and experiment--became."

I'm excited to read this, and I'll report back when I'm done. Want to join me?

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